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Becoming a Vole!


We're often asked, "How did you become a member of the Voles?"  The answer is nearly always the same.  It begins with a love for the game.  After witnessing your first vintage game, that love draws you on to the field of play.  The fun, the laughter, the camaraderie, the competition, the people you meet will never be forgotten. 

New players are always welcome -- men and women, young and old, skilled and unskilled.  As long as you have an appreciation for baseball and are committed to the gentility of the vintage game and can behave as such, you would enjoy playing as a Vole.

Come to one of our matches, and talk to one of us (these voles don't bite, we promise).  Ask if you can try holding a ball, swinging a bat, or playing in the field.  We will happily serve you a taste of the game, however you like.

We also hold several practices in the spring.  This is a fantastic time to check us out and give the game a try.

Questions?  Reach out to us on our Contact form or on Facebook.

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