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2021 Vermilion Voles Team812-Joyce Seay-Knobaluch-1209.jpg
The Vermilion Voles are a vintage base ball club based in Danville, Illinois.  We reenact the game of baseball as it was played in 1858, the era of America's history when the base ball was anointed as the National Pastime.  We make every effort to adhere to recorded history, to stage and play our matches exactly as they were played by our country's forebears.

Why do we play the game this way?  To bring to life the purity and innocence of the game of baseball in a time before salaries and stadiums, when uniforms, bats, and balls were handmade and never taken for granted.  To lay witness to the natural beauty of the game in its early youth that kindled America's love affair with baseball that still continues to this day.  We play to take advantage of the pleasure, health, and camaraderie that people in 1858 enjoyed from meeting in the fresh air to engage in a spirited but friendly game.

We play so you too can experience the joy of base ball along with us. 

"Let us go forth awhile, and get better air in our lungs.  Let us leave our close rooms...the game of ball is glorious" -- Walt Whitman
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